Upon ordering a wedding banquet, the hotel room is for free
Upon ordering a wedding banquet, the hotel room is for free
Upon ordering a wedding banquet, the hotel room is for free
Upon ordering a wedding banquet, the hotel room is for free
Фуршетная зона

Conference center

Our conference center is able to seat up to 200 guests at a time. The center complex includes 3 conference rooms of various capacities located on the 2nd floor of the Hotel. All of them are connected by a cozy foyer offering pleasant communication during a welcome cocktail or coffee break.

Conference rooms

Oxford Hall is the most spacious hall in the Congress Center of the hotel. The hall is located on the 2-nd floor and is decorated in a classic style with mahogany and marble elements. There is a spacious buffet area in front of the hall. The area of the hall is 96 sq.m., and the capacity is up to 100 people with theatre set up. The hall has all the necessary equipment for high-quality sound and presentation of video materials, there is a podium for speakers and the presidium. The conference room is ideal for business events of various formats - presentations, trainings, round tables.
Up to 140 person
Cambridge Hall is one of the most popular meeting rooms on the 2nd floor of the hotel. A spacious room with high ceilings, decorated in a classic style, has natural light and high-quality built-in audio and video equipment. The area of the conference room is 70 sq.m., and the capacity is up to 70 people with a theater set up. The conference room is ideal venue for business events, as well as for informal meetings, cocktails and private events.
Up to 110 person
The London meeting room is ideal venue for important business meetings, conference calls, and small presentations. Soundproofing, comfortable furniture and stylish interior are excellent conditions for important negotiations in a private atmosphere. The meeting room’s capacity is up to 12 people, set up is a common table. All necessary equipment for presentations and online meetings are available in the meeting room.
Up to 12 person
Manchester conference room is located in the front part of the building on the 2nd floor, has a semicircular shape and is the large number of windows and light decoration. The area of the room is 20 sq.m. and is suitable for small events for up to 15 people.
Up to person

Rent price of the conference room includes:

Provision of the selected premises for an agreed number of hours
Climate control
Free and unlimited Wi-Fi
Projector with screen
1 microphone for speaker
Paper and pen for every listener
Technical support

Buffet area

East Gate Hotel buffet area is located in close proximity to all conference rooms and is a unifying segment for all 3 venues. This allows you to separate different streams of listeners without losing quality of service. The conference hall is located in a quiet area on the 2nd floor of the East Gate Hotel. Private bathroom and wardrobe are adjacent to the buffet area. As well as in the halls, there is a climate control system and a system of variable musical accompaniment.
Taxi Service
Buffet receptions and coffee breaks
Lunches and dinners for corporate guests